Dan Harmon Sports Corner

Jeff: So Dan what do you think about the Steelers this season?

Dan: Jeff if I've said it again, I'll say it a thousand times. Yardage Yardage Yardage.

Jeff: Alright

Dan: You know you've got Clue Quintro on the tight end and he's doing great but he needs to be paired with Hodgkins.

Jeff: We talk about tight-ends vs this. What do you think the role of a tight-end really is in an offense?

Dan: Well first and foremost, and people won't agree with this, he's got to back up the line-backer. He's gotta be there for em. And he's got to keep icing his knee. And he's got to be there to receive. If the receiver fails then the tight end has to back up the linebacker when the quarterbacker throws those missiles as all I call em, especially with the Steelers you know you've got hodgkins on quarterbacker. Either your icing your knee or you're catching that ball.

Jeff: What's your opinion about the Steeler's secon....secondary...yeah.

Dan: I think it's a bunch of trumped up stuff. I think it's ruined the game for the fans.

Jeff: You think there should be no secondary?

Dan: Yeah I think it's a myth. Look we're familiar with the first quarter in football. Ummm we love the third quarter. But...ya know there's 4 quarters to a game. Why do you need to say secondary. It's uh...it's stupid. It's a foregone conclusion. Break it into two halves. Ya know?

Jeff: So who do you like between The Falcons and the 49ers?

Dan: Schmitty. Stomplee.

Jeff: The game was played today so what do you take away from the uh Falcons and the 49s.

Dan: Hate to sound like a broken record...yardage. You know? But you gotta keep that ball moving down the field.

Jeff: Who did you favor going into tonight's game?

Dan: at the top of the game I would have told you Scrinfrab.

Jeff: No I mean the team.

Dan: Oh. Under Scrifrab's leadership as a coach that they would have gone against the 49ers and have taken away the golden...

Jeff: You had the Falcons favored going in?

Dan: Falcons? What?

Jeff: Falcons and 9ers.

Dan: Definitely 9ers.

Jeff: You had them favored going into the game?

Dan: Yeah. yeah.

Jeff: So how do you feel about the outcome?

Dan: well I think the Steelers did poorly.

Jeff: They certainly did. They proved that games ago.

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