This week NBC makes their decision regarding Community

Whether the outcome is good or bad, no one can say we didn’t try. No one can say Community fans rolled over and let the network cancel our beloved show due to low ratings in an archaic system.  No one can say this wasn’t the largest outcry against the unjust treatment of a show of all time. We organized rallies. We won every contest that came our way by voting hundreds of times. We’ve got the show trending week after week since its return.  We fought so hard for it because we knew it was worth fighting for.

Community has changed many of our lives.  We’re proud to call ourselves Greendale Human Beings to people who don’t even get the joke and yell Pop-Pop at every opportunity in conversation.  We’ve even Chang’d the way we talk because of the show.  It’s more than a TV fandom, it’s a chance to really being a part of something…something that we all know in our hearts is the best thing in the entire world. The creativity is boundless, the characters sincere and close to heart and the writing should be studied for generations to come by potential screen writers. 

When the hiatus was still going on, people would ask me all the time since they knew I was a fan when Community was coming back and I would tell them sometime in the Spring. That day came and went and in the back of our minds the whole time we were worried if the show would still be around a year from now. Within the week I’m hoping the entire internet will erupt with joy with the announcement that the show gets the fourth season it truly deserves. If this isn’t the case I’ll be inclined to lose faith in current television entirely.

No matter what though I won’t give up my intentions of someday working on TV, because Dan taught us we could be better. By his example we’ve learned that TV doesn’t have to be a passive, boring and recycled form of enter-chang-ment.  We learned from Dan that when you pour your soul into your work and write and write and write and never give up you have the chance to change the way people consume and process pop culture forever. Community has done things week after week after week for the past three years that no other show would ever try. If it get’s canceled it’s because their passion and and ambition for unique storytelling was too much for small-minded studio execs to handle. 

But no matter what happens, we’re together. That makes this the perfect timeline. I’ve never been so honored to call myself a fan of anything else as I have been sharing the love of something as great as this show with so many talented people. Let’s seize the day. 


Save Community, it makes the world a better place

I’ve watched television my entire life. I’ve enjoyed shows over the years like Entourage, Arrested Development, Curb your Enthusiasm, etc. All funny shows to be sure. But I’ve never connected with anything like I have until Community. Something clicked inside me one day when I was watching the trampoline episode and I saw the look on Donald Glover’s face like “this is perfect…this is right.” It was like when Abed first watched Inspector Spacetime. My immediate reaction was “this is the greatest show of all time.”  And it is.  I’ve never been able to relate to anything on so many levels like I have this brilliant show. To take away Community would not just be to lose a TV show, it would be taking away something (in some cases the only thing) that brings joy to the otherwise mundane lives of thousands of fans. Community brightens my day, it never disappoints me and it’s there for me whenever I need it. I can’t thank Dan Harmon and the cast enough for making this amazing, unique and touching show. I wish I could be out there in New York with all of you trying to get NBC to come to their senses.

I can’t think of a more important cause than making people smile. That’s what this show does for us.